Guess I'm my own boss now.

Wait. What?

I've been working on this theme/framework for more than 4 months now and in the end, it really was a blessing in disguise. I now find myself with a pretty powerful set of tools to create and ship websites with incredible flexibility. I had the luck to try the stack with personal and real-world projects (and we were able to do some pretty spectacular stuff). I am now confident this can become a job of some sort!

so here it is...

I will be dipping my toe as a freelancer as of 2020/04/03.

It's probably temporary as I have absolutely no idea how to manage a business but fuck it! I'll try my luck.

I can design, develop and ship websites in a whimp!
Hosting can be arranged and I am working on a more official (and green spa ) solution.

what's happening with the hotdoy theme?

Great things!
The hotdoy theme will be the starting point of my efforts. I will continue to work on it for the time being and eventually branch out to make an unopinionated "core" version I can use to build custom projects.

You can thank the canadian government for the financing the project I guess. 🤷


Is the theme doomed ?


No. I'll keep working on it for a little while then I'll branch out. So you can keep using the theme.

How much will you charge for a complete website?


Don't know yet. Hit me.

Do you do eComm?


Not for now. I am alone and I don't want to be responsible for someone else's revenue.

Where do you plan to host?


In Canada. I'm not setup yet but if someone needs it, I can spin up a server anytime.

When can you start?


I will be officially jobless on the 3rd of April. I'll probably take a week or 2 off and work on my new website bit. I should be ready around the 14th of April.

What will this eventual company be called?


Hotdoy kinda sucks for the market I'm in (Montreal). I was looking for something that can make sense in french and english and for now, I think I feel good with...Scorpion. I know it sounds sketchy but wait. You'll see. 🦂

Anything else?

This website was made in a hurry. Some cookies might be in there, but be assured. I do not collect nor care about your personal informations.