Modular Pages.

From the official GRAV documentation: The concept of Modular Pages is a little tricky to get your head around at first, but when you do you'll see how convenient they are to use. A Modular Page is a collection of pages stacked on top of each other to create a unified, single page. This lets you create a complex page-structure by using the LEGO building-brick-approach, and who doesn't love LEGO?!
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Adding a modular page

To add a modular, you must first create a modular page.

  • Go to the Pages section of Grav (sidebar menu).
  • Click on +Add (top right) button.
  • Fill the required field and select Modular under Page Template
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Save (top right) so the file is created on your server

I everything goes well, the ui should look something like this.

No content is entered in this page per see. Save your progress if you need to and we are ready to add a modular to our modular page.

Adding a modular to our page.

We will now add a modular using the relatively unopionated Content modular, mainly used for text, embedding stuff (images, videos) and using shortcodes.

From the Page section or from inside any page...

  • Click on the small arrow pointing down next to the +Add button (top right) and select Modular.
  • Give it a title (folder name will fill automatically).
  • Page: choose the the previously created page as a target.
  • Modular Template: Select Content.
  • Click Continue.
  • Just like when creating the page, you should save (top-right or ctrl+s).
  • Add some content and go check out your page!

Hotdoy Theme twist on modular

This here theme adds a small twist to modular foundation by adding color theme and spacing controls on all of them. If you head to the Options tab in a modular you'll see pretty much this...

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