This article cover shortcodes included with the Hotdoy theme. You will need the Shortcode Core Plugin installed and properly setup. If you still need to install it, you can do it from the Grav Admin Panel under Plugins. Then by clicking Add+ (top right) and searching for it by name.
Make sure you set the Custom Shortcodes path to:



Show content on specific screens.




Add buttons.

[btn href="/my/"]label[/btn]

[link href="/my/"]label[/link]

Add the mi="" attribute to add any Material Icons you might want.


Add embeded videos from YouTube or Vimeo.




Prevent rendering of content on the front-end by wrapping it with the [note] shortcode.

[note] This content will not appear on the front end. [/note]

Material Icons

Add Material Icons



In some context, the width of the page is not controlled by the theme and requires you to take some decisions. You can wrap your content with any available width shortcodes.




Add a modern touch slider using the great Swiper library.
The implementation currently only supports images.






Text Size

Change the size of the text with one of the 4 context (other than the current one) provided by the theme.





Big and Huge are mainly aimed at desktop and should fallback to regular on mobile.


Wrap any content to add "reveal" transition.. The default transition will be used if you dont specify any.


delays and durations are referenced on github. All times are in milisecond.

For more information on the Shortcode Core plugin, read the offical documentation from the README. If you find a shortcode from the plugin is unsupported by the Hotdoy theme and would like to sponsor it's addition, you can open an issue on github on the theme repo

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