The Hotdoy theme takes advantage of a set of plugins and builds upon them. When installing this theme, one of the first thing you should do is head to the Plugins section and start installing what you need.

Required plugins

Admin Panel

Adds an advanced administration panel to manage your site


Enables forms handling


Displays error pages.


Enables the emailing system for Grav


Enables user authentication and login screen.


Detects and reports problems found in the site.

Admin Addon User Manager

A simple admin panel extension which adds the option to manage users and groups


Paginate collections. "Set Use built in CSS" to Disabled

Shortcode Core

This plugin provides the core functionality for shortcode plugins.

Recommended Plugins


Statically cache pages but prevent interactivity. I personally use Cloudflare Page Rules (Cache Everything) but this can be a quick and easy way to boost the speed of certain pages.

Auto Date

Having a date set in a page never hurts.

Custom CSS

Quick and dirty fix on the go. Can also be pretty usefull combined with reveal animations included with the theme.

Data Manager

Adds an admin panel to visualize all kind of saved data.


Plugin and Theme scaffolding utilities for Grav development. Used for extending theme using inheritance.

Markdown Notices

Adds the ability to render notices blocks in Markdown. Make sure to turn off "Use built-in CSS" since the Hotdoy theme has it's own rules to display notices. Level Classes included in theme:


Uses Grav's powerful onShutdown event to run through all pages and call the content() method of each page. In other words, cache the whole site when 1 page is hit.

Quick Tray Links

Easily add cusotmizable admin quick tray links. Adding Material Design Icons, Grav docs, or other services you use often is a nice touch.


Add an XML sitemap to your site.

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