Modular: Map

The "Map" modular is ... well, a modular. This means that in order to add it to a page, the said page must support modular pages. If you don't know about modular pages, here is the official documentation. I also coverred adding your first modular here.

Get started with Google Maps Platform

You will need to:

While I won't go in detail as to what setup you need on the Google side, your fist stop should be this tutorial from Google.

Adding the map

Once you have a valid API key. You should head to the Hotdoy theme configuration:

Now that Google Maps is setup, you are ready to add a map modular!

Each coordinates must have:

A custom icon can be set for the entire site withing the theme configuration. You can otherwise set a custom icon for each marker by uploading an image directly into the Page Media field in the modular and selecting it with the icon field in each Marker.